Relaxation techniques…Facial pressure point massage


This is a very relaxing facial pressure point massage you can do whenever you want to let go of tension and calm your body. Both Ayurveda and Chinese medicine believe that when stimulating specific points on our bodies, we can promote physical and mental healing and wellbeing. In today’s post, I will go over an acupressure point massage for the face. I find it extremely relaxing, and have also used it as part of my facials. Most of my clients used to fall asleep by the end of it. I hope you get a chance to try it on yourself, and find a little bit of extra calm.

Before you begin, make sure your face is clean. If you have a skincare regime at home, you can do this when you apply your facial oil or serum. If you don’t, you can also just add a couple of drops of lavender or rose or jasmine to your fingertips, rub your palms together, and just place them flat on your face, covering both cheeks and forehead. Take a few deep breaths in to get centered.

From this point, you begin the pressure point massage. Use your middle or ring fingers. When applying pressure on a point, on the inhale, touch the point, on the exhale press a little bit deeper and massage the point in a small circular movement – counterclockwise (for about 5 seconds). Inhale again, and let go of the pressure a little bit, still maintaining contact with the skin. On the exhale, press a little bit deeper and massage the point in a small circular movement – clockwise (for about 5 seconds). Inhale, release pressure, keep contact with the skin. On the next exhale, increase pressure again, this time keeping your fingers still (no circular massage). Press for about 5 seconds again, then slowly release on the inhale and move on to the next point. (I hope this makes sense)

I hope my diagram makes sense, as I am not the most talented at drawing:)



  1. center of the chin
  2. corners of the jaw
  3. corners of the mouth
  4. center above the lip, between mouth and nose
  5. the hollows on the side of both nostrils
  6. under the cheekbone (center)
  7. in front of the earlobe
  8. each side of the nose
  9. either side of the bridge of the nose, under the orbital bone
  10. center of orbital bone below the eye
  11. corner of the eye
  12. above the eyebrow
  13. above the end of the eyebrow
  14. temples
  15. above the start of the eyebrow
  16. between the eyebrows
  17. center of the forehead
  18. 2 fingers away from the center of the forehead, on each side
  19. about 2 fingers up from the end of the eyebrows
  20. middle of the hairline
  21. fontanel
  22. middle of the crown of the head

Close your eyes (if they are not closed already), and finish by rubbing the temples gently for about a minute.

Happy massaging:) !

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